Staying safe throughout pregnancy

Getting Pregnant

It can take several months or more to get pregnant and being fit and healthy is one of the keys to success. If you feel anxious or worried about it then talk to your GP or a family planning clinic. We offers information on a variety of fertility issues and advice and guidance on your health during pregnancy.

Looking after your health while pregnant



Although most pregnancies go with out a hitch, it is always worth speaking to your GP or midwife regularly during your pregnancy. This allows them to monitor the progress of your pregnancy. If you think something may be seriously wrong, trust your own judgement and contact them or your local hospital straight away.
WNB offers general information about pregnancy complications including ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage and stillbirth.


  • Getting Pregnant.
  • Support and counselling.


  • Brook Online – Providing information on contraception and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Contraception after birth – Advice from the Family Planning Association

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