Working in the healthcare sector

Being a midwife is to primarily focus on the health of the pregnant lady and her unborn baby. You will also help to ensure a safe and healthy delivery and to help to reduce the risk of complications. It is often the case that you will meet with your midwife before the baby is due so you can help build that relationship up to hope for an easier birth. See: Improving safety for midwives.

The health care industry

The healthcare industry varies massively, you could work in a hospital or even a beauty salon, yet it still configures under the term ‘health & beauty industry’.

The benefits of working in this industry are enormous, including:

  • Numerous career choices
  • Career stability & steady earnings
  • Great employee benefits
  • Rewarding

What is involved when training to be a midwife?

To become a qualified midwife, you will need to gain an approved degree in midwifery at university level. However, if you have previously been a nurse, you can apply for a shortened midwifery programme of just 18 months. Find the right degree.

Each university has its own criteria for entry requirements and that can be found by clicking here. Being a midwife can be one of the most rewarding career changes a person could make, that’s why it is a popular choice of career.

Depending on what qualifications you have to begin with, can alter the length of the degree, but typically this is around five to six years. Many universities offer 50% theory and 50% placement, which can take a little while longer. Contact us.

What other qualifications can you gain in the health & beauty industry?

Training in permanent makeup means you can gain an ITEC qualification which has been approved by HABIA. Gaining an ITEC means your career can start almost anywhere in the world as it is globally recognised. You will receive a certificate that states you are a professional practitioner of micropigmentation. Choose your course.

Permanent makeup courses mean you can gain knowledge in the latest and most innovate techniques in the industry, including using the best, most advanced technology to successfully run your business.